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Our service helps a business to implement an automatic process for Accept cryptocurrency from payers and a process for automatically disbursing funds from your accounts. In addition to this, the service can be used as an online wallet for Accept money, storing and paying them, for this, in the form of creating a merchant, you need to select the item "Wallet by Blocky Inc." for this type of merchant, you can ask for a special rate of 0.5% for all payments in cryptocurrency.


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We do not require KYC procedures, as we are a technical platform for developers providing a convenient interface for automating work with cryptocurrency.


How to connect?

If you have a website, bot, mobile application that do not support our service, then you can easily integrate using the documentation for any business or project


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For quick assistance, you should include the transaction information in the email in the form of links and text. Our qualified support team will respond quickly


Feeling inquisitive read out our unique features before joing blocky.

  • We do not require KYC procedures, as we are a technical platform for developers providing a convenient interface for automating work with cryptocurrency.
  • To solve the problem of automating payment acceptance, you only need to add a merchant.
  • To make payments at the request of your service, you need to create API accesses and register a list of allowed IP addresses for your service.
  • You can accept cryptocurrency by creating payment links, then redirecting the payer to them, a convenient form with the necessary data for payment will be displayed. The second way to integrate is to generate billing addresses and display them directly on your platform.
  • All money transferred to the created addresses of our platform will always be credited to your account automatically.
  • You can use the addresses to accept any number of payments without any time limit.
  • There are two ways to monitor incoming payments on your platform. The first way is notification of payment of the invoice. The second way is to monitor incoming transactions.
  • The main advantage of our service is really fast payments. The money is paid instantly and you receive a transaction that you can give to the user for tracking or track it yourself.
  • The features of our service allow us to ensure complete anonymity.
  • All the money you receive will belong only to you and will never be frozen or returned, unlike banks or classic e-wallets.
  • We form a reserve from the commission of our service, which will allow you to return your money in case of technical problems or in other unforeseen cases arising from our side.
  • By contacting our support, you can transfer all stored funds to our cold wallet to ensure maximum safety of their storage.
  • Our service is completely free! We take only a commission for payments, for more information about tariffs here
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